My Hols and We Are Meant To Know

It was a decent Christmas– until the cold attacked my lungs.

Made it through my birthday on the 26 with minor symptoms. Yesterday, I spent feverish and talking to my dead paternal grandpa.

Today, I’m good. Ready for work. Which is good, because I’ve got the twelve-hour New Years Eve shift to get through.

I realized something over the last year about why I can’t really do Lovecraft and many of his style of horror. It’s also possibly why Thomas Carnacki (created by English fantasy writer William Hope Hodgson) is my favourite “super natural detective”.

I think part of the credit goes to Bob MacDonald. Mr. MacDonald hosted Wonderstruck, a children’s science show that ran on CBC Television. He now hosts Radio 1′s science program, Quirks and Quarks.

Thanks to Bob… I’ve always been aware that science really doesn’t say, “Don’t poke around here.” There is no big sign saying ‘hands off’. Even before I came to atheism, I never saw any signs from a higher power to stop us from learning.

There is none. There are no things we are not meant to know. There is only not learning enough. There is stopping at good enough, and missing the next bit. Carnacki is a favourite because even if it’s BS made up for the story, Thomas is a learned man using what he knows to fight “the things”. He deals with it, he learns, he tackles things with a scientists air. Even if he’s dealing with things that, in reality, science says are not there.

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